Mr Willie O'Driscoll recent participant in the PTAR has this to say about VPS Paint Protection Film

".........I had VPS fitted to my Cessna 172R to protect the leading edges from potential damage caused by gravel and stones during short field take -offs and landings. I often go into grass and gravel strips in the KZN area, the most recent being Thula Thula.

This 650m strip has powerlines and high trees on the approach side of 09 and up sloping ground on the departure side.

The strip is mostly gravel and dirt, and even in a tailwind situation, 27 with 15 degrees of flaps and full power on brakes, is the only choice.

Obviously huge amounts of dirt and gravel would get blown up against the leading edges in this situation. The VPS installation, which recently received CAA approval, completely protected the leading edges and wheel spats from any damage whatsoever.

I would highly recommend the installation of this product to any aircraft using dirt strips. There is no indication that VPS slows the aircraft down, and in actual fact, is hardly visible.

The installation was supervised personally by George Ross from VPS Head Office and immaculately finished off. Even the rivets are covered without any indication of bubbling........"


Cessna 172R Fitted with VPS Leading Edge Protection