VPS PPF CLEANER extracts most of the common environmental pollutants from Polyurethane Paint Protection Films, restoring the clear, glossy appearance of the film. Some contaminants and stains cannot be removed once they have penetrated into the film. It is therefore essential to clean PPF immediately when contaminants are noticed.

Suitable for all PPF brands
Extracts Contaminants
Effectively removes Stains
Will not harm PPF film

Always use PPF Cleaner on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
Spray PPF Cleaner onto the affected surface, and agitate with a soft brush or microfibre cloth.
Do NOT allow the PPF Cleaner to dry on the surface.
Rinse thoroughly with water.

 VPS PPF SEALANT strengthens and protects Polyurethane Paint Protection Films from common environmental pollutants by forming a protective barrier over the film.

Suitable for all PPF brands
Reduces film discoloration
Synthetic Polymer Formula
Will not harm film

Vehicle and PPF must be clean and dry.
Apply Sealant using a foam or cotton applicator.
Allow a haze to develop.
Remove with a micro-fibre cloth.
Remove any excess from edges of film with a damp micro-fibre cloth or small brush.

VPS PPF CAR WASH is a quick and easy way to wash a vehicle without water hoses or waste. The formulation contains a lubricating polymer that prevents scratches on the PPF and paintwork of the vehicle during washing

Wash Your Car Anywhere
Prevents Washing Scratches
Reduces Water Waste
Environmentally Friendly
Will not harm PPF film

Mix 40ml Car Wash with 5lt of water in a bucket.
Dip a wash mitt or cloth in the bucket and wipe one section.
Dry the washed section with a clean, high quality microfibre towel.
Repeat for each additional section until done.
There is no need to rinse the vehicle off.