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Protection Offered.

Our polyurethane film  was developed for the leading edge of helicopter rotor blades to protect against the corrosive element of sand and dust at ultra high speeds. This protection is now available for your vehicle

VPS TRAINING - VPS has a training facility in Durban South Africa that offers an intense 5 day training course where applicants are trained and tested on application procedures. Practical & written examinations have to be successfully completed in order to become a recognised applicator ensuring a high standard of workmanship and quality.

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 VPS Maintenance Products
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VPS ON THE HIGHWAY - Our high performance removable transparent urethane film is specifically designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of your vehicle. The appearance is not changed by VPS's virtually invisible, durable film. It is ideal for protecting paint surfaces in high-wear areas from stone chips, insects, surface scratching and most types of environmental damage. Our film is virtually unnoticeable on the vehicle and can be removed easily without any trace, leaving the brilliant shine of your unscathed paint surface.

VPS OFF-ROAD - Extreme off-road conditions require Extreme protection. VPS enables you to use your 4x4 to its full potential protecting your paint through all harsh conditions. Full Body paint protection is available for all off-road vehicles which protect the vulnerble surfaces of your vehicle. See our professional fitment centre list for an installer near you.