VPS has distribution rights for 3M Scotchgard paint protection film in Southern Africa. Paint protection film is made from a super-tough 3M polyurethane film that has been developed specifically for the protection of the painted surfaces of motor vehicles. VPS paint protection film consists of a sheet of clear polyurethane film, glossy on one side with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the other. Once applied, Paint Protection Film is virtually invisible. The film protects vulnerable painted surfaces from stone chips and surface scratches, and is removeable at any time without a trace. The product has been tested internationally on millions of vehicles as well as being tested to OEM specifications for durablility and performance.

3M Paint Protection film is noted for it's excellent performance. This rugged, yellowing-resistant film protect your vehicle while allowing the colour and brilliance to show through.  Approved by automotive OEM's, the film has a warranty period of 5 years.


VPS PPF Cleaner is designed to remove most common environmental deposits such as tar, diesel, petroleum, oil, hard water stains, bug acids and other surface contaminants from polyurethane paint protection film. It should be used to clean the surface of the film as soon as possible after the stains are noticed as some contaminants and stains cannot be removed once they have penetrated into the film. After use of the cleaner the film must be sealed using the PPF Sealant to limit further pollutants from discolouring the film.

 VPS PPF Sealant is an acrylic polymer product that is specifically formulated to protect any aliphatic polyurethane paint protection film. The sealant attaches to the surface of the PPF to form a sealed coating when exposed to UV light. Environmental pollutants settle on the surface of this coating rather than penetrating the pores of the PPF, making them easier to remove and preventing permanent damage to the PPF.

VPS PPF Car Wash can be used on the entire vehicle, and is designed to be PPF friendly. It contains a lubricating polymer which prevents scratches on the PPF and paintwork of the vehicle during washing and can be used as a "low water usage" car wash solution when mixed and used as directed.